Points to look for while choosing top earthing pipes

We live in a world where almost everything works or runs on electricity. Galvanized pipes and earthing flats play an important role in the process of earthing.  Earthing if not done properly can expose us to various risks. Without proper earthing property and life could be at great risk.


To ensure that the process of earthing happens correctly, the earthing materials used becomes critical. We at Indana Steel are manufacturers and suppliers of high quality galvanized earthing pipes and earthing flats. In this blog we will explain to you the need of good quality earthing pipes or earthing flats and what you need to ensure while selecting them for your project. 

Why an earthing system is so critical?

Even though you may have the all the right electrical equipment, wires and sockets, earthing becomes necessary. This becomes necessary because, it makes the building electric shock free. At the same time it brings about voltage stabilization and over voltage protection. 

Importance of galvanized earthing pipes and flats

Galvanized earthing Pipes & Flats grounding electrodes or Strips are usually made from Mild Steel .Sometimes even copper or some other alloys are also used for the same purpose.


One of the important points for such pipes or fits to ensure the right earthing is to have low resistance to electricity. This will allow smooth electricity discharge. 

They also must be corrosion resistant. The reason for the same is that this would make them more cost effective. 

Pipe earthing is a commonly used of earthing system in India. Under pipe earthing the earthing GI pipes and strips buried vertically into permanent and wet the soil. The length and diameter of such pipes depends on the condition of the soil into which these GI pipes are to be buried. It also depends on the amount of electricity which is to pass through. 

For normal usage  GI Pipe (C-Class of Size 75 Mm in Diameter & 10 Feet in length is used. These pipes  are then further wielded With 75 Mm Diameter GI Flange having 6 numbers of holes. So these need to be considered for the entire process of earthing. 

We at Indana steel are one of the top manufacturers of the best quality pipes and fits for the purpose of earthing.  We offer the best materials from which the quality of the GI pipes and fits manufactured conduct excellent amounts of electricity to pass through. This ensures the best amount of safety for any building or any electricity Installation. To know more about our services please visit our Website. For getting  a Quote for Earthing Pipes & Earthing Flats requirement, Contact Us On: info@indanasteel.com